Bethesda Paws strives for excellent pet care.


The Mission

Bethesda Paws is dedicated to giving your pets the quality care they deserve. I service many types of animals, including, but not limited to, cats, dogs, birds, rodents, and reptiles. I do overnights, day check-ins, and walks as needed. Since I have four cats of my own, I can not bring pets to stay overnight at my own house.

“Hermes is a true animal lover. He’s in sync with their needs, caring, and very responsible. His delight always comes through when he works with your pet, and the animal responds!”
— Meredith C.
Hermes has watched our two cats several times over the past few years and has proved to be reliable, responsible, and very loving. Hermes texted me photos of the friendlier one playing, eating, and otherwise interacting several times while we were away. More impressively, the other cat, who is skittish and unfriendly (even to us sometimes) not only came out to say “hi,” but went so far as to jump on the sofa and snuggle up next to Hermes — something we have never seen her do with anyone outside the family. Hermes doesn’t just pop in, feed the pets, and leave, but truly cares about them and connects with each one — and the animals know it.
— Lisa N.L.
I’m delighted to recommend Hermes for your pet sitting needs. Always flexible, always reliable and everything performed with a good sense of humor. Hermes goes the extra mile and keeps us in touch with what is going on with our pets with photos and text messages. I never have to worry.
— Marta S.